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About us - History


The Amit Group of Companies (AGC) has a proud history that dates back to 1978. It was founded by Late Mr. Chinubhai Shah, who started the company with limited facilities for the manufacture of Gum Acacia and Guar Gum. Despite these humble beginnings, the group quickly established a strong reputation in the food and pharmaceutical industries due to Chinubhai's leadership and vision.

This is a great example of how small beginnings can lead to great things. The AGC's history is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and visionary leadership. With a strong foundation and a focus on growth and innovation, the company has continued to thrive and play an important role in its target industries.

Under the leadership of Amit Chinubhai Shah, who took over the role of the head of the Amit Group of Companies (AGC) in 1992 after qualifying the organization underwent a significant expansion. The company ventured into new areas of research and explored the potential of various new industries.

Amit's unwavering commitment to learning and his desire to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field have instilled a culture of intense inquiry at AGC. This focus on research and development lies at the heart of the company's activities and has been instrumental in the remarkable growth they have achieved over the past decade. This growth is evident in the ten-fold increase in their client base, the expansion of their product range, and the substantial improvement in their production capabilities.

With over 45 years of experience in the manufacture of specialty chemicals, AGC has the expertise and resources to develop all of its products in-house. This allows the company to maintain strict control over the quality and consistency of their products, while continuing to innovate and improve their offerings. AGC's commitment to research and development, combined with its rich history, positions the company for continued success and growth in the future.